Alana wins Gold Coast Women in Business Award

WOMEN in Business award winner Alana Beattie’s passion for coffee has helped transform the ­family business into a global ­operation.

Coffee Roasters Australia, Australia’s top supplier of coffee roasting machines, has launched into Asia and is about to tackle major markets in the US and UK.

The director of the Arundel-based coffee equipment and capsule manufacturing business yesterday won the major award at the city’s prestigious Women in Business awards.

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Gold Coast Coffee Roasters Brew Up a Roasting Business Worth Boasting About

Latest article in the Gold Coast Bulletin on August 10th , 2015

IT’S testament to the Gold Coast’s emerging reputation as a hub for small business that the country’s number one supplier of coffee roasting machines is based in Arundel.

Coffee Roasters Australia, which was taken over by Mark and Alana Beattie in 2009, has grown in just six years to a multi-million dollar business….

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Coffee Roasters Australia Branches Into Asia

In January 2015 Coffee Roasters Asia was established, with an outlet opening in Hong Kong to provide a base for the company’s planned expansion into South East Asia.

“We felt the best way we could service the Asian market was to set up a roastery. We have four employees in the roastery in Hong Kong and 20 members on a sales team,” says Mrs Beattie.

Coffee Roasters Asia is targeting cafes that are using products imported from the UK and US.

“Their coffees are as not fresh as ours and are not manufactured to the same standards,’’ said Mrs Beattie. “We are experiencing strong demand for Australian coffees in that sector.”

The company is also targeting boutique hotels that cater to Australian travellers and the office market, particularly the high-end financial services market.

“There is huge potential target market in South-East Asia and we are signing up new customers every day,’’ says Mrs Beattie.

The push into north Asia is being helped by recent attendance at the HOFEX international food and beverage trade show in Hong Kong, that attracted almost 40,000 trade buyers over four days. The Gold Coast stand, within the Australian Pavilion, represented nine companies including Morlife, Frosty Boy and Coffee Roasters Australia and building recognition for the quality of ‘brand’ Gold Coast as well as sales and distribution opportunities for exhibiting companies.

Coffee Roasters Asia Roastery

Coffee Roasters Australia Wins Mayor’s Innovation GC Award

On Wednesday 24th of June Coffee Roasters Australia won the MAYOR’S INNOVATION GC AWARD. The criteria for the award is applicants need to demonstrate significant innovation in either management and/or business practices or in their products or services. The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards is a great initiative by the City of Gold Coast for business based on the Coast.


Justin Gets Roasting

Justin and his partners decided on the Proaster 120 kg Batch Roasting line that included a green bean loader, destoner, afterburner and PLC control system that is manufactured by Taehwan Automation in Seoul, Korea. This wasn’t an easy decision for Justin to make, given that this would be the fi rst industrial installation of a Proaster line in Australia and so would present certain challenges in relation to timing and compliance for the local market. I also had no experience with the brand other than what I had seen at trade shows, so a quick trip to Korea was organised to inspect the quality of the equipment, as well as to nut out the viability of importing and installing one into Australia for AESP. I was also looking for a premium end range to add to our roaster product portfolio, so figured this would be a great opportunity.
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The Skillfull Roaster

One of the things I have learnt from my time in the coffee industry and dealing on a daily basis with coffee roasters is that people’s approach to and their perceptions of coffee roasting are greatly varied. There is a wide scope for adding creative flair as a coffee roaster, so one must be very careful not to judge too harshly and also to embrace the varying points of view, as this is one of the reasons the industry is so dynamic. Someone roasting coffee commercially should really aim to approach the job in a similar way that a professional chef approaches their trade. There are many similarities between the two, and I have found the coffee roasters that apply themselves in a similar manner are the ones who tend to possess the most skill and knowledge. Continue reading The Skillfull Roaster

Single Origin Verse Blends – A Roasters Perspective

The specialty coffee market is forever evolving and one of the buzz words at the moment is Single Origin. A lot of roasters and coffee outlets have or are looking to introduce single origins into the coffee repertoire but are struggling as to where it fits in the scheme of things verse the tried and tested concept of blended coffee.

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Royale Pacifique – A Coffee Roasting Success Story in New Caledonia

In May of this year I had the pleasure of supplying and installing a 60kg Coffee Roasting line in New Caledonia for local company Royal Pacifique S.A. This being my first visit to the island which was surprisingly only a one and a half hour flight from Brisbane. The Café Culture team on hearing of my visit asked if I could share my experience. Continue reading Royale Pacifique – A Coffee Roasting Success Story in New Caledonia

Consistency and Coffee

One of the biggest frustrations that I here from roasters, distributors, retailers and end consumers is “why does my coffee taste different? I’ve roasted the same beans with the same profile or I’ve ordered the same blend yet it tastes different.” I am sure everyone reading this will empathise with me but are we striving for the impossible. Is consistency achievable or are we fighting an unwinnable battle?
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