All The Gear With The Right Idea – Get Your Coffee Accessories This Christmas

At Coffee Roasters we have all the latest coffee accessories for commercial and personal use…

Are you preparing for the Christmas rush at your coffee shop? Have you got everything to make your coffee delivery as smooth and efficient as possible? If you are gearing up for the busy Christmas season we recommend you have all the best accessories to help ensure the season goes as smoothly as possible. At Coffee Roasters on the Gold Coast we can supply products to your Australian coffee shops to help get you through the busy season with the best accessories.

What are we talking about when we say ‘coffee accessories’?

Coffee accessories make up a variety of products but mostly they are the extra bits and bobs used to make your process of serving that perfect cup of coffee faster and more efficiently. Here is a list of a couple of coffee accessories that we provide to make your coffee making experience easier:

  • Plastic/ steel measuring spoon
  • Cocoa shakers
  • Café cleaner
  • Milk jugs
  • Bench knock tube/ tall knock tube
  • Group head brush
  • Metal blind filter

Ensuring that your coffee machine is fully equipped the above accessories is the first step into making your Christmas rush a breeze this season.

It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared…

You can never have too many milk jugs during your busy hours, but you can certainly have too little. If you are looking at your coffee machine and there are only two milk jugs you may consider ordering more to get ready for Christmas coffees. Today, consumers are very particular about the milk, or milk replacement items that they drink. Most of our cafes now offer regular, skim and soy milk, and some offer almond milk and other lactose free options as well. To ensure you are providing services that are efferent and sanitary you should have a minimum of one different jug for each type of milk. This is the same for your scoops and coffee variations. It can be extremely time consuming to hunt down a scoop for your decaf or other specialty coffees that may not be in the grinder.

The busier you are the more important is to keep on top of cleaning your coffee machine…

At Coffee Roasters we offer safe and effective coffee cleaning products to ensure that your machine stays clean and produces the best cup of coffee possible. We sell Puly Caff coffee machine cleaner which is a heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaning powder product used for backflushing the group heads on your coffee machines.

It can also be used to clean filter baskets and filter handles as well as cups, jugs, spoons and teapots. The process for this is simple: you mix some Puly Caff with warm water and soak the parts from your coffee machine which have become dirty for around an hour, when you remove the parts from the bowl they will be clean, looking shiny and new.

To backflush the grouphead on a coffee machine you should put some Puly Caff in a blind or blank filter basket and then run it as if to make a drink. Foam will appear from the waste or disposal pipe, this should be repeated until it runs clear, then a normal backflush with just water should be performed so the cleaning products are completely gone.

At Coffee Roasters we are dedicated to keeping the industry up-to-date and prepared for the holiday rush. Having the accessories to make sure your systems are in place can make the difference between coffee consumers purchasing coffee at your shop or next door. In a competitive market it is important to make sure your shop keeps up, that’s why it’s so important to have all the gear to get you ready for this festive season, don’t spend this Christmas unprepared.

For more information about our coffee accessories please don’t hesitate to call (07) 5529 0888 or contact us online