Learn How to Become a Coffee Roasting Connoisseur at Coffee Roasters!

At Coffee Roasters on the Gold Coast, we offer our customers the chance to become their own coffee connoisseurs! Our fundamentals course for coffee roasting involves theory and practical roasting, as well as some cupping.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a process of evaluating the taste and aroma of brewed coffee to select and maintain quality of roasted coffee beans. Cupping therefore allows you to determine which flavours and textures suit their individual tastes. You will learn how to control a roast to achieve cup character and be able to replicate profiles.

Your coffee education starts here

The aim of this course is to provide the foundation knowledge for you to then gain practical experience on a roaster whether at home or commercially which will then put them in a position to complete an intermediate course down the track.

Who is suited to this course?

  • This course is suitable to those who have beginner to basic knowledge
  • Have never roasted (experience making coffee or competent at coffee extraction)
  • Coffee Shop Owner wanting to Roast in House
  • Home roaster
  • New to or limited experience commercial roaster requiring foundation knowledge

What does the course cover:

  • Green Coffee Structure and Types
  • Processing Types/Techniques
  • Introduction to Coffee Grading
  • Bean chemical properties
  • Coffee Roasting principles and definitions
  • Introduction to Coffee Roasting Thermodynamics
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • Green bean selection and origins
  • Browning: Caramalisation and Maillards Reaction
  • Roast profiling and logging – theory and practical
  • Beginner Temperature and Time Control
  • Roasted coffee flavour profiles – degrees of roast
  • Basic Blending Techniques
  • Introduction to Cupping and Sample Roasting
  • Weighing, storing and bagging
  • Supplier contacts and what you need to get started

Coffee roasting fundamentals course details

  • Duration: 9am-4pm (6 Hours total, 1 hour for lunch)
  • Cost: $550 per person (includes green and roasted coffee)
  • Course Number: Maximum of 8 people
    • Beginner to Basic

Advanced courses

At Coffee Roasters, we also provide advanced courses for those a little further along the path to becoming a coffee roasting expert. Again, this course involves theory and practical roasting, but you will also have an understanding of the more advanced roasting techniques required for specialty coffee roasting.

Coffee Roasting Intermediate course details

  • Duration: 2 days from 9am-4pm (6 Hours total each day, 1 hour for lunch)
  • Cost: $1000 per person (includes green and roasted coffee)
  • Course Number: Maximum of 6 people
  • Experience Required:
    • Intermediate 1-2 Years’ experience roasting (Home or Commercial)
    • OR have completed the Coffee Roasting Fundamentals Course
    • Sound understanding of Coffee Roasting Fundamentals

Perfect the fine art of coffee roasting

Whether you are a novice, a home coffee maker, or a café barista, our beginners and intermediate course can help you perfect the fine art of coffee roasting.

For more information about our coffee roasting courses here at Coffee Roasters on the Gold Coast, please don’t hesitate to contact us.