Why is coffee in Australia so good?

The growing number of coffee lovers has led to the birth of many coffee producers all over the world. If you Google cities with the best coffees, you’d be surprised with the results –cities from countries that you didn’t know produced coffee. A good example is Melbourne which was voted internationally as one of the coffee capitals of the world. Surprised?

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Launching The Phantom Series

We’re happy to announce the launch of our own line of coffee roasters; The Phantom Series, designed on the Gold Coast under our CRA Technology brand.logo_symbol

For those of you who aren’t aware, CRA Technology has been housing our IP, as well as developing the technology and designs for Coffee Roasters Australia’s own destoners, afterburners and control systems. We’re at the forefront of the market for coffee roasting equipment, so it was a natural progression for us to develop our own coffee roaster systems. Continue reading Launching The Phantom Series

BioCap 100% Biodegradable Launch

Today the Gold Coast Bulletin announced the launch of our sister company Capsule Pack’s exciting release of BioCap, 100% Biodegradable Coffee Capsules.

This Australian-first has brewed up a solution to a major environmental problem. These biodegradable capsules deliver a high quality coffee and are compatible with Nespresso machines. Continue reading BioCap 100% Biodegradable Launch

Starting a Coffee Roasting Business

There’s definitely a love for coffee in Australia, and it stands to reason some of us would dream of one day starting a coffee roasting business.

Just imagine working all day amongst the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, enjoying a cup of the brew as fresh as it can possibly be.

It’s a fine dream, but it’s important to consider a lot of things before starting a new business. We’ve put together the key things you need to consider and plan before starting your coffee roasting business. Continue reading Starting a Coffee Roasting Business

Coffee Roaster Refurbishment

In 2015 Coffee Roasters Australia commenced a coffee roaster restoration service. This initiative stemmed mostly from customer requests to upgrade various brands and makes of roasters with our Coffee Sweet control system that we were already fitting to the Has Garanti and Proaster brands we sell.

We have been modifying the brands we sell for quite a while with the in-house control system we developed to cater to the trend of Australian roasters wanting finite control and visual feedback during the roasting process. Continue reading Coffee Roaster Refurbishment

History of Coffee Roasting

Kaldi and his dancing goats are said to be the first to discover coffee. This goat herder and his charges enjoyed the berries and energising properties by chewing the green ones whilst raw.

It was not until 1258 A.D., that Sheik Omar discovered the benefits of roasting coffee at Ousab in Arabia. Omar had been driven out of Mocha into the desert where it was expected he would die of starvation. Having nothing else to eat Omar decided to eat berries, once finding them bitter he tried to improve the taste by roasting them. After roasting, he added water and became refreshed and revitalised – the magical properties of coffee helped Omar triumph and he was named a saint. Continue reading History of Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roasters Becomes ECM Specialist Dealer

technika iv profiAs a trained specialist dealer we can act upon service requirements and also handle back to base warranty repairs for you. By offering this level of service we can go above and beyond the average seller to get positive and quick results for you.

ECM Manufacture is a family business that combines Italian espresso culture with German engineering. The company’s founder, Wolfgang Hauck, has been active in the espresso business for more than 25 years and says, “The joy of building great espresso machines drives me every day.” Continue reading Coffee Roasters Becomes ECM Specialist Dealer

Coffee Facts: Part 1

coffee-pitsLegend has it, Kaldi, a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd discovered coffee after noticing his goats becoming hyperactive after grazing on some bright red berries. Kaldi tried these red berries himself and the exhilarating effects of coffee became clear to him.

Since then many people from all over the world have come under coffee’s delicious spell, and this obsession love for a good brew has been represented in countless memes, movies, TV shows, books, poems and even classical music! Take a look at a selection of interesting facts we’ve gathered about coffee. Continue reading Coffee Facts: Part 1

Justin Gets Roasting

Justin and his partners decided on the Proaster 120 kg Batch Roasting line that included a green bean loader, destoner, afterburner and PLC control system that is manufactured by Taehwan Automation in Seoul, Korea. This wasn’t an easy decision for Justin to make, given that this would be the first industrial installation of a Proaster line in Australia and so would present certain challenges in relation to timing and compliance for the local market. I also had no experience with the brand other than what I had seen at trade shows, so a quick trip to Korea was organised to inspect the quality of the equipment, as well as to nut out the viability of importing and installing one into Australia for AESP. I was also looking for a premium end range to add to our roaster product portfolio, so figured this would be a great opportunity.
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