The Phantom Series Coffee Roasters

The Industry’s Answer to Better Quality Standards

Much like the comic strip superhero The Phantom who relies on sheer strength, intelligence and reputation to battle injustice, the Phantom Series coffee roasters possess the same qualities in the technology it uses. No gimmicks and nothing left to luck. Just a solid and reliable 100% Australian made coffee roasting technology, that was honed through years of hard work, determination and industry insider knowledge.  Continue reading The Phantom Series Coffee Roasters

Something’s Brewing On Morphett Street

A busy city like Adelaide always opens its arms to charming roasteries like the newly opened SOHO Coffee Roasters. The 24-seater joint boasts they have something to keep customers coming back. With its interesting interiors like the glass bollards to give customers a view of the roasting work that takes place, to the salvaged composite timber that serves as tables, it is a sight to behold. Continue reading Something’s Brewing On Morphett Street

Launching The Phantom Series

We’re happy to announce the launch of our own line of coffee roasters; The Phantom Series, designed on the Gold Coast under our CRA Technology brand.logo_symbol

For those of you who aren’t aware, CRA Technology has been housing our IP, as well as developing the technology and designs for Coffee Roasters Australia’s own destoners, afterburners and control systems. We’re at the forefront of the market for coffee roasting equipment, so it was a natural progression for us to develop our own coffee roaster systems. Continue reading Launching The Phantom Series

BioCap 100% Biodegradable Launch

Today the Gold Coast Bulletin announced the launch of our sister company Capsule Pack’s exciting release of BioCap, 100% Biodegradable Coffee Capsules.

This Australian-first has brewed up a solution to a major environmental problem. These biodegradable capsules deliver a high quality coffee and are compatible with Nespresso machines. Continue reading BioCap 100% Biodegradable Launch

Coffee Roaster Refurbishment

In 2015 Coffee Roasters Australia commenced a coffee roaster restoration service. This initiative stemmed mostly from customer requests to upgrade various brands and makes of roasters with our Coffee Sweet control system that we were already fitting to the Has Garanti and Proaster brands we sell.

We have been modifying the brands we sell for quite a while with the in-house control system we developed to cater to the trend of Australian roasters wanting finite control and visual feedback during the roasting process. Continue reading Coffee Roaster Refurbishment

Gold Coast Coffee Roasters Brew Up a Roasting Business Worth Boasting About

Latest article in the Gold Coast Bulletin on August 10th , 2015

IT’S testament to the Gold Coast’s emerging reputation as a hub for small business that the country’s number one supplier of coffee roasting machines is based in Arundel.

Coffee Roasters Australia, which was taken over by Mark and Alana Beattie in 2009, has grown in just six years to a multi-million dollar business….

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