Why is coffee in Australia so good?

The growing number of coffee lovers has led to the birth of many coffee producers all over the world. If you Google cities with the best coffees, you’d be surprised with the results –cities from countries that you didn’t know produced coffee. A good example is Melbourne which was voted internationally as one of the coffee capitals of the world. Surprised?

The coffee culture in Australia has been established since the mid-20th century. Italian immigrants, particularly those who migrated to Melbourne, introduced espresso drinks and café shops to the natives. Since then, coffee has been part of many people’s lives in Australia. However, this international recognition of Melbourne caused a ripple effect down the country’s coastline and in other parts like Adelaide.

But what makes Australian coffee good? Below are some reasons why the coffee industry in Australia continues to thrive.

  • Unlike in other countries where coffee is used as an energy booster, drinking coffee is a form of relaxation in Australia and considered a healthy lifestyle practice. Hence, people are more willing to spend money on a cup of quality coffee rather than drinking Nescafe at home.
  • Australian baristas take their coffee art seriously and have gained international appraisal.
  • Due to the international recognition of Melbourne as a coffee capital, coffee shops in other parts of Australia are lifting their game.
  • The Melbourne International Coffee Expo has led to significant developments in the industry such as the availability of quality coffee beans and state of the art equipment. Enthusiasts, researchers, cafe owners, baristas, roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, and service providers come together in events such as this to improve the coffee industry.
  • The funding source is not a problem in Australia. According to Nick Stone, founder of Bluestone Lane in New York, there was never really any recession in Australia. It has lots of money that can support the development and strengthening of its coffee industry.

The rise of coffee shops serving varieties of Australian coffee is another proof of the country’s success in the international market. It was in 2015 when Starbucks launched its version of Flat White, a drink which was created in Australia in the ‘80s. In Budapest, My Little Melbourne Café is rapidly gaining popularity, especially among tourists.  It’s also impossible to miss Australian themed cafés in the busy streets of New York City such as Bluestone Lane, Two Hands, Little Collins, and Toby’s Estate.

To meet the increasing demand for Australian coffee, Coffee Roasters Australia continuously provides high-quality roasting equipment not just in the Gold Coast but also in other parts of the country. It offers cutting-edge coffee technology and has its own line of coffee roasters.