Coffee Facts: Part 1

coffee-pitsLegend has it, Kaldi, a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd discovered coffee after noticing his goats becoming hyperactive after grazing on some bright red berries. Kaldi tried these red berries himself and the exhilarating effects of coffee became clear to him.

Since then many people from all over the world have come under coffee’s delicious spell, and this obsession love for a good brew has been represented in countless memes, movies, TV shows, books, poems and even classical music! Take a look at a selection of interesting facts we’ve gathered about coffee.

  • The world consumes almost 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.
  • Composer Johan Sebastian Bach wrote an opera about a coffee addicted woman.
  • Coffee Beans with EspressoCoffee beans aren’t beans, they’re fruit pits.
  • In Italy, the average Barista is aged 48 and the title Barista is very well-respected.
  • The University of Cambridge invented the first webcam to let people know if a coffee pot was full or empty.
  • A cafe in France will charge you more for your coffee if you don’t say “hello” and “please”.
  • In Saudi Arabia, if a husband does not supply his wife with fresh coffee it is grounded (see what we did there?) for divorce.
  • Coffee connoisseur, Beethoven, always counted 60 beans out for his cup of coffee.

And that’s just the start! Stay tuned for part two of our Coffee Facts series…

Photos by Victor and Shashank Gupta