Coffee Facts: Part 2

Did you know that coffee is cultivated in over 70 countries around the world? Take a look at a few more Coffee Facts you might like to bandy around the cafe.

  • Coffee is most effective if drunk between 9.30 and 11.30 am.
  • The word ‘coffee’ in Arabic means “wine of the bean”.coffee-beans-spoon
  • In parts of Africa, raw coffee beans soaked in water and spices are chewed like lollies.
  • In the 1600s a French Doctor suggested Cafe Au Laits as a treatment for patients which inspired people to add milk to their coffee.
  • The Cappuccino is named for its resemblance to clothing worn by Capuchin monks.
  • Saliva wipes out half the flavour of coffee so it doesn’t taste exactly as it smells.
  • To make a good espresso you must follow the 4 M’s: Macinazione (correct grinding of beans), Miscela (coffee blend), Macchina (the machine used) and Mano (the barista).
  • Averaging 2.4 cups of coffee per person per day, the Netherlands is the world’s largest per capita consumer of coffee.

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Photos by Brandon Shea and David Joyce