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Coffee Roasters Australia invest in the best to provide quality brewing machinery

Are you looking to heighten your next coffee experience? Looking for a life time investment and quality coffee brewing to enjoy commercially or at home?

Coffee is so readily available today that the variation in quality is quite significant. If you ask for a coffee, there is no real guarantee that you’ll receive a quality cup of coffee to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. It can be a depressing experience, but once you find those two or three cafés or coffee houses that make a pretty ‘decent’ coffee, it can make it a little better.

Everyone is looking for that ‘better’ cup of coffee, and that’s why at Coffee Roasters Australia we stock and invest in the best coffee equipment and accessories guaranteed to make your coffee creation and experience beyond decent. We have affordable to luxurious models to suit commercial or at home use, whether you want to get your patrons hooked on your special blend or the comforts of a specially brewed coffee all to yourself at home.

Our coffee roasters and espresso machines are expertly crafted and are coffee experience conscious; see for yourself with two diverse espresso machines.

The Bosco Posillipo 4 Group, for example, is expertly crafted by hand with the finest materials…

Bosco Posillipo 4 Group Coffee Roaster

This exquisite machine is called the Bosco Posillipo 4 Group and is quite a beautiful piece of machinery. Valued from $11,500 you can ensure this model will give you luxurious quality. This espresso machine is entirely hand made using only the finest materials, right down to the smallest detail to ensure it delivers exceptional coffee. The wonder of this espresso machine is in the detail and the mechanisms that can turn your coffee blend into liquid gold. This machine is designed to ensure fuss-free ease so that any barista can achieve the first perfect shot of coffee.

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More affordable options like the Office EB61 Barista Minore IV 1 Group

Office EB61 Barista Minore IV 1 Group

Looking for a quality machine to suit your budget? This slim-line little beauty is called the Office EB61 Barista Minore IV 1 Group and while its name may not be as luxurious as the Bosco Posillipo 4 Group it still provides its barista with quality brewing. This model is priced from $2,805 and is prefect for that at home espresso experience and a life time investment for any espresso enthusiast. Imagine waking up to this sleek designed, compact sized and commercial strength machine. This is what makes this fantastic machine perfect for home and commercial use.

Find out more about the Office EB61 Barista Minore IV 1 Group

As Australia’s leading coffee roaster supplier we strive to provide high quality products that enhance your coffee experience…

Coffee roasting is a business that we take very seriously, it is unfortunate that many people have yet to experience a beautifully crafted coffee experience and we are dedicated to giving commercial coffee brewers and home enthusiasts a one-stop-shop for all their coffee essentials to explore and expand on their coffee knowledge and experience.

Unsure of the machine to suit your coffee needs? Expand your coffee experience with our helpful team at Coffee Roasters Australia, give us a call today on +61 (0)7 5529 0888.