Coffee Roasters Becomes ECM Specialist Dealer

technika iv profiAs a trained specialist dealer we can act upon service requirements and also handle back to base warranty repairs for you. By offering this level of service we can go above and beyond the average seller to get positive and quick results for you.

ECM Manufacture is a family business that combines Italian espresso culture with German engineering. The company’s founder, Wolfgang Hauck, has been active in the espresso business for more than 25 years and says, “The joy of building great espresso machines drives me every day.”

The ECM espresso machines, like the multi-award winning ECM Technika IV Profi which is considered the Rolls-Royce espresso machines are made in Milan and shipped to us to distribute in Australia. These machines are also crafted by hand which is plain to see when looking at the classic, rounded edges of the ECM Casa IV.

The ECM team strive to be at the forefront of innovation, whilst continuing to draw inspiration for their design from their archive of vintage espresso machines. This can be best seen in classic lines and shapes of the ECM Electronika.

You can learn more about this dynamic business and meet their highly qualified staff in the following video.

If you’d like to talk to us about purchasing your own ECM espresso machine please contact us.