Eliminate the Awful Odours Emitted by Coffee Roasting With Afterburners

Many complain about the smell produced by coffee roasting, and now you can roast without the stress or the odour…

Did you know roasting coffee produces a strong and pungent smell so intense your retail or industrial neighbours are likely to complain? In fact, so many have already complained that the Australian government is looking into what they can do to stop the smell, and complaints, from occurring. At Coffee Roasters Australia, we have your answer – afterburners!

What is an afterburner?

To be used in conjunction with coffee roasting, an afterburner is a chamber that is attached to coffee roasting equipment, and is designed to heat up to such a degree that the fumes emitted by coffee roasting are eliminated completely! The chamber sits on a stand next to the roaster, and heats up to effectively burn off the smoke and smells that roasting coffee produces. The chamber is also fed through the roof up a chimney, and expels the now odourless, colourless and basically invisible emissions into the air where it evaporates to nothing.

Did you know that the number one complaint about coffee roasting is the odour?

It is a market that is underappreciated and we know soon, with the government beginning to take notice of complaints focused on coffee roasting odours that afterburners are going to be in high demand. We know that afterburners should be a staple part of your coffee roasting equipment, and as such we are able to completely customise afterburners to fit your roasting apparatus perfectly so you don’t have to worry about the fit, size or even colour!

We are able to custom build your afterburner to your specific needs, and can accommodate any size roaster or even multiple roasters. We also use powder coats, so you can dictate the colour of your afterburner!
The benefits of an afterburner…

Other than helping you achieve an odourless and more pleasant environment to work in, an afterburner:

  • Has a less-expensive outlay
  • Provides good airflow

Have a look at our afterburners…

At Coffee Roasters Australia, we are dedicated to providing you with high quality products that are designed to last. We produce a wide range of custom afterburners to suit all coffee roasting conditions, and as we make them locally we can design them to your unique specifications. All our afterburners come with fully insulated triple walled Stainless Steel fluing, roof cowl and certification paperwork completed. We supply everything you need for installation making the job at your end much easier as well as enabling you to cost the install accurately. Our afterburner products include:

  • Coffee Tech Afterburner 15-90 kg
  • CRA Afterburners – All Sizes
  • Has Garanti Afterburner 60-120 kg
  • Has Garanti Afterburner 30 kg

Each of our afterburners has their own specific qualities, and if you are unsure about what would best suit you and your needs, we are always happy to help.

To discover more about afterburners or to find out more about our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us.