SOHO Coffee Roasters, Photography by Daniel Purvis

Something’s Brewing On Morphett Street

A busy city like Adelaide always opens its arms to charming roasteries like the newly opened SOHO Coffee Roasters. The 24-seater joint boasts they have something to keep customers coming back. With its interesting interiors like the glass bollards to give customers a view of the roasting work that takes place, to the salvaged composite timber that serves as tables, it is a sight to behold.

SOHO’s Secret Weapon

The café just got a new coffee roaster that’s unlike any other. For the longest time, roasters had to be imported and once those are here, they are heavily modified to suit Australian standards.

But this is how the new roaster Disco Donna is going to knock everyone off their socks. It was designed in Queensland, so Aussie customers can expect to get a coffee exactly how they want it.

Fondly called Disco Donna by Jacob Booth of SOHO, natural gas was used for this beauty instead of the more commonly used LPG. This change took some getting used to for the roaster entrepreneur but it didn’t disappoint and produced great results overall. Customers have a choice from nitro-coffee, espresso, cold brew and three kinds of filter brew methods. Trying these drinks became more exciting as it is a test of what Donna can deliver.

The Phantom Series at SOHO Coffee Roasters. Photography by Daniel Purvis
The Phantom Series at SOHO Coffee Roasters. Photography by Daniel Purvis

Who Crafted Donna?

It is the question on everyone’s mind. It was Mark Beattie of Coffee Roasters Australia who saw the need to produce coffee roasting equipment locally. One can say, he takes his coffee seriously. He also spent time knowing what roasters around the country wanted. Then, he consulted with the Engineering Department of Griffith University to make sure the necessary customisation can be included. Donna passed strict Australian standards and is unit 001 of The Phantom Series. That said, more impressive roasters and the like can be expected from the company in the future.

Coffee Roasters Australia (CRA) has been around for 15 years and has become a familiar name for many café owners. They provide an array of coffee roasting machines to many businesses. Also, they can help whenever installation is needed for the roaster. In addition, CRA can provide finance options for new entrepreneurs working within a budget. Not only that, invaluable updates about the newest technology for coffee roasting will always be available and clients can expect to hear about that. On that note, one of CRA’s partner companies Capsule Pack can provide information to interested clients about the growing interest in coffee capsules worldwide and how they can start selling their coffee in capsule form.

When it comes to the maintenance of the units, clients would find that the team from CRA are a phone call away. For refurbishments, the machines should be brought to the Gold Coast where the factory is.

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Photography by Daniel Purvis