Spilling the Beans: What does your coffee choice say about you?

Ever wondered why the person next to you in the coffee line orders a flat white and the next person orders a long black? Perhaps it has something to do with their personality?

Well, that’s precisely what Merlo Coffee baristas believe! Over the years in the coffee making business, they believe they can tell a lot about their customers by the type of coffee they order.

So, what does your coffee say about you? Read on to find out…

Flat White

Straight-up types. No fuss or pomp here. On the downside, flat-white drinkers may lack imagination. These people are not early adopters – they probably still have their Nokia mobile phones. But they will tell it exactly how it is (if your butt looks big and you ask them, they WILL tell you). They’re traditionalists.

Long Black

This person is all about strength and a long black suits stamina needs. This person is busy, fast and on the go (as kids their parents would tell them they had ants in their pants). They also can tend to show off.

Short Black

The purist. The person who orders the authentic espresso takes life and themselves very seriously. They have no time for fancy adornments like milk or a dusting of chocolate. They want to get straight to business. They are often CEOs and leaders. They make decisions quickly and rarely back down. There’s not much ‘grey’ in this person’s life which could annoy those around them


The capp-lover doesn’t really indulge in their coffee as much as they should. They probably had their first ‘capp’ when they were about 25 and haven’t deviated since. They are still a child at heart who really loves that chocolate sprinkle on the top! They are probably from the country.


What about the person who orders the short macchiato, or ‘short mac’ to those cool enough to drink it? This is the tipple of choice for the coffee-savvy young professional. They work and play fast, so have fun but be careful of burnout! This coffee is on the rise. As young gen Y-ers take over the coffee scene, the short mac is cool and everywhere.

Chai Latte

Excellent choice for after Bikram yoga, a 40km bush walk or a spot of nude surfing. Cool.

Caramel Latte

Another new, sweetened version of real coffee. Watch for the inordinate amount of hair products, tight jeans and sculpted eyebrows – in either sex. They use lots of ‘likes’ in their speech, take lots of selfies and are always connected. Over-sharers.


Tea drinkers are real, wholesome and deep-thinkers. Beware the drinkers of newfangled flavoured teas. Tea drinkers are usually early morning people and read books. Real books with pages and ink.

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