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Coffee Roasting Courses

Our Coffee Roasting Courses and Prices

Date Type Location Price
30 / 04 / 2021 Fundamentals 5/8 Technology Drive Arundel QLD 4214 $550 Add to Cart
20 / 08 / 2021 Fundamentals 5/8 Technology Drive Arundel QLD 4214 $550 Add to Cart

Expand your roasting skills.

Coffee Roasters Australia offers a number of coffee roasting courses designed for those starting out or refreshing their knowledge, as well as intermediate and advanced courses for those wanting to take the next step. Search the courses on offer below for one that suits your skill level.

Coffee Roasting Fundamentals - Course Information

Whether you want to expand your coffee roasting knowledge or are starting from scratch, for fun or for your business, our coffee roasting fundamentals course is the perfect starting point to learn the foundations of coffee roasting. Covering the essentials of coffee roasting, this course will outline the entire process, from coffee grading and green coffee structure to equipment operation and maintenance, roast profiling and basic blending techniques to get you started, giving you a sound understanding of coffee science. Read on for more information about the course.

  • Duration: 9am - 4pm (6 Hours total, 1 hour for lunch)
  • Cost: $550 per person (includes green and roasted coffee)
  • Course Number: Maximum of 8 people
  • Experience Required:
    • Beginner to Basic
    • Never roasted (ideally has completed a Barista course or has some industry experience making coffee or competent at coffee extraction)
  • Coffee Shop Owner wanting to Roast in House
  • Home roaster
  • New to or limited experience commercial roaster requiring foundation knowledge

Course Structure

  • Green Coffee Structure and Types
  • Processing Types/Techniques
  • Introduction to Coffee Grading
  • Bean chemical properties
  • Coffee Roasting principles and definitions
  • Introduction to Coffee Roasting Thermodynamics
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • Green bean selection and origins
  • Browning: Caramalisation and Maillards Reaction
  • Roast profiling and logging - theory and practical
  • Beginner Temperature and Time Control
  • Roasted coffee flavour profiles - degrees of roast
  • Basic Blending Techniques
  • Introduction to Cupping and Sample Roasting
  • Weighing, storing and bagging
  • Supplier contacts and what you need to get started

The Coffee Roasting Fundamentals course involves theory and practical roasting as well as some cupping.

At the end of this course the participant will have a sound understanding of green coffee as an ingredient as well as coffee science in relation to chemical reactions and thermodynamics in roasting.

They will learn how to control a roast to achieve cup character and be able to replicate profiles.

The aim of this course is to provide the foundation knowledge for the participant to then gain practical experience on a coffee roaster whether at home or commercially which will then put them in a position to complete an intermediate coffee roasting course down the track.


"It was my honour to take part in the coffee roasting course on Friday. Thank you all for the great experience throughout the day! My fellow friends and I had a lot of fun whilst learning such professional skills. We would like to send our sincerest gratitude to all of the members whom took part in organising and conducting this wonderful course!" - Amy, Taiwan

"Thanks for your time for sharing your knowledge and insight about the coffee industry. I really learned a lot from the coffee roasting course." - Mohan, Pieface

"Great Service, great course and very Professional. Worth every penny if you ever take a course with Coffee Roasters Australia" - Eratabua B Masilaca

Coffee Roasting Intermediate - Course Information

If you have completed our Coffee Roasting Fundamentals course or have been roasting your own coffee at home or commercially and desire to go to the next step in your roasting knowledge and skills, then our intermediate course is for you. Learn advanced techniques and coffee roasting science relevant to roasting and equipment thermodynamics, roast profiling and logging to commercial standards, advanced blending as well as an indepth look at coffee caramalisation and maillards in this 2-day intensive course. View the course outline below with some information about our experienced trainer.

  • Duration: 2 days from 9am-4pm (lunch provided)
  • Cost: $1,100 per person including GST
  • Course Number: Maximum of 8 people
  • Experience Required:
    • Intermediate 1-2 Years' experience roasting (Home or Commercial)
    • Sound understanding of Coffee Roasting Fundamental

Course Structure

  • Green Coffee Structure and Types - Revision
  • Processing Types/Techniques and Effects on Cup Character
  • Coffee Lab Techniques and Sample Roasting (inc. demonstration on Lab Equipment)
  • Developing your Process Flow
  • Coffee Grading
  • Coffee Origins and Characteristics
  • Cupping Fundamentals & Protocol including cupping of a number of coffee origins
  • Bean chemical properties
  • Advanced Coffee Roasting Thermodynamics
  • Equipment Types and Thermodynamics
  • In-depth Look at Caramalisation and Maillards
  • Deconstructing the Roast Curve
  • Advanced Roasting Techniques - slow vs fast, bean density and moisture
  • Roast profiling and logging - Commercial Requirements
  • Advanced Temperature and Time Control inc. Manipulation of Air Velocity
  • Roasted coffee flavour profiles - degrees of roast
  • Advanced Blending Techniques
  • Single Origin and New Wave Roasting for different Brewing Methods
  • Fire Safety and Maintenance

The course involves theory and practical roasting as well as cupping.

At the end of this course the participant will have an understanding of the more advanced roasting techniques required for specialty coffee roasting. Each participant also gets to take home the coffee they have roasted during the course.

Experienced Trainer

Mark Beattie

Mark Beattie is one of the leading coffee roaster trainers in Australia. He is the author of many articles in industry magazines assisting roasters on the latest techniques and skills required to master the art of roasting. Mark has been working in the coffee industry for over 14 years. He has a degree in business and marketing, followed by 9 years' experience with Nestle in various divisions in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Mark's passion for coffee and coffee equipment ensures his customers' coffee industry dreams are realised. Mark is the Managing Director of Coffee Roasters Australia, after leaving his successful corporate career, Mark gained experience in a franchise system before taking over Coffee Roasters Australia. Having experience with coffee at both a corporate and small business level allows Mark to provide valuable assistance and advice to coffee companies.

In the past, it was difficult for a new roaster to get sound industry information to further their skills and stay up to date. Mark saw this gap and took it to hand to help educate the market and simplify the process of coffee roasting, using tailored training and researching installation legislation nationally. Mark has extensive technical know-how with coffee roasting equipment and processes and has designed and developed roast control systems as well as coffee roasting process equipment. Mark also has provided consulting services to many startup and established coffee roasting companies over the years including factory design, equipment, installation and coffee blend development.


"Having dealt with Mark and the team from Coffee Roasters Australia for the last 5 years I was confident that attending the Intermediate Roasting course would be a positive experience. The course is conducted with a hands on, open discussion style approach with many opportunities for sharing, questions and participating in practical industry based exercises. Marks in depth knowledge of green coffee, coffee roasting and the industry as a whole is evident through the quality of the information shared and the confidence in which it is delivered. I found all aspects of the course from start to finish to be enjoyable and beneficial in some way, whether that be learning something new, refining current practices or just reinforcing I was on the right track. There is also no “death by power point” which is a real positive for any course. If you are looking to advance your roasting from those base fundamentals, CRA’s Intermediate Roasting course is a positive step in the right direction. As well as all the great information I received from attending the course I also got a great deal from the interaction and stories of the other participants roasting journeys. Like any course, approach it with an open mind and a willingness to get involved, remember there are no silly questions and I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy it, I did." - Chester, Short Long Coffee Roasters

I have dealt with CRA for a while now and highly recommend them for anything coffee related. The knowledge and advice has been incredible. Their machines are of a very high quality and ready to tackle any sized commercial/Industrial environment. If you are looking for a machine, I would highly suggest checking out their showroom. Food grade stainless all seam TIG welded with nice hardwood handles and very thick drum roasting walls with high quality, matched counterweights. I'm definitely looking forward to upgrading to a Phantom one day! - David Nestor